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Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonic Miniatures Wargames Rules

Supplied as a pdf download

By Michael Collins

info1 About Grand Manoeuvre: Grand Manoeuvre is designed to enable gamers to fight corps-sized battles to a conclusion in a reasonable time. In order to achieve this, the combat rules are simplified (combining both firing and assaults into one phase) and movement is simultaneous, subject to written orders. The combat rules are easy to play.

info2 A 15mm Example of Game Play In Progress (See Free Download of Infantry Combat Examples)

The effect of these time savings is designed to free up players` attentions to the more important areas of command, control and communication. The rules for command, control and communication have been devised to closely represent the ways in which contemporary commanders actually gave and received orders and the game is focused upon their command decisions and their abilities to react to battlefield situations. Infantry battalions, artillery companies & cavalry regiments are represented, but the rule set is primarily focused on the decisions of Army, Corps and Divisional generals The emphasis is on the manoeuvre of brigade & divisional formations.

info3 The Battle of Castiglione 1796 In 6mm at “PAW 2011”

The game’s grand-tactical manoeuvre rules include the use of regulating battalions in which the control of large commands was made possible in the period. In all this, micro-management is discouraged and large battles are made playable.

info4 The Battle of Wagram (second day: 6th July 1809) In 6mm at “PAW 2000”

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George Nex 11-02-2013, 16:36

I have vague memories of that Wagram game, I am pretty sure I get beaten ..

Michael Collins 11-02-2013, 16:56

Well, I do recall that your first attack on Markgrafneusiedl was repulsed, but then in your second attempt you succeeded in taking the village and doing that was the signal for me to advance my command.
Using his cavalry reserve, Neil played Archduke Charles very well in that game and managed to retire his forces in good order!


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