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6mm ACW Paper Armies

6mm ACW Paper Strength Armies will be available from Saturday evening (18th February 2017) . Both armies in one pack, 42 files. The pack will include flags, generals & ADCs. Only £10 for both armies – This is something of a limited offer here, as I will be reviewing prices next month (hint-hint with a nod and a wink). Sample; Union Infantry in Kepis…  

BELLA CONTRA BARBAROS Grand Manoeuvre Ancient Rules

Well, I`m in the last stages of getting my ancient rules together…
And I guess its about time (overdue actually) to post some the news of this here!
The rules cover the period of Rome`s wars with the barbarians from 100BC to 100AD; from the reforms of Marius to the Dacian War of Trajan.
There are some interesting ancient period flavours in this one. I`ve included many of the stratagems mentioned by Frontinus and Polyeanus – these stratagems are played with cards selected by players, or at random for the game set up and the game itself. There are also pre-battle speeches which may give the player some game advantages. The rules are an adaptation of my Napoleonic set; the same rules mechanisms are applied to ancient Roman and barbarian tactical methods. Added to the mix (and only if things are going badly for the player) is the possibility of an heroic death for both barbarians and Romans – the Roman version of this being called the “devotio”.
Publication here by pdf download will be sometime in April 2017.

Paper Strength Units Are Here !

Designed with the Napoleonic beginner in mind; “Paper Strength Units” will provide players with an opportunity to game on a large scale or with an “en masse” effect but at a very low cost – you may print and make as many units as you wish.

For example, the French Army pack consists of twenty-two pdf files of French “Line” army units and includes; light and line infantry, skirmishers, cavalry and artillery with horse and limbers and flags.

All you will need to make them is paper, small sharp scissors, PVA glue, a small brush and printer ink.

Once made and the glue is dried, the army unit blocks are surprisingly strong and can be very durable – I still have some in my garage that I made in April 2006!  

The bottom line: £5 for an army pack of 20-25 files and smaller packs and armies will cost proportionately less!

Halsach-Jungingen & Castiglione: AAR`s posted