free download of Castiglione-Solferino scenario

I`ve just finished my scenario for Castiglione-Solferino 1796.
There`s more colour in this booklet than usual because it was played as a demo
game in Plymouth and there were some good quality photos on hand. So, to my
usual formula of scenario, I`ve added an AAR of the game and a few photos from
the PAW2011 show.

The umpire`s notes have the historical deployments, whereas the players have the
freedom to array their forces as they wish within their deployment areas.
The arrival of reinforcements are diced for by an umpire.
And each sides` victory conditions are based upon the general guidelines of
doing better than the commander`s did on the day.

You can find the scenario posted at:
(at the bottom of the page, please scroll down)

or you can join the Grand Manoeuvre group at:
(and find this and other scenarios in the files section)


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michaelcollinshimself 19-09-2011, 11:22

There`s been a nice response this month to the posting of the Castiglione scenario on the Angel Barracks Rules page – 52 downloads!
There have been 73 downloads of my other four scenarios available there and another 85 downloads of Grand Manoeuvre rules samples/updates by the curious.


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