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jena2Here you will find a selection of tried and tested scenarios to use with Grand Manoeuvre, they are presented here for your use.

They are available in the Adobe PDF format

Link   Description
pdf   Raab Solo Game Examples

Game scales, basing, figure basing, and unit basing

pdf   Grand Manoeuvre Game Play Examples

Additions and Clarifications

pdf   Updates & Rules Samples

Haslach-Jungingen 11th October, 1805

pdf   Mariazell 8th November, 1805
pdf   Wertingen 8th October, 1805.
pdf   The Battle of Alcaniz, 23rd May 1809
pdf   Amstetten 5th November, 1805
pdf   Castiglione-Solferino 5th August 1796
pdf   Gorodetschna, 12th August 1812
pdf   Gunzberg, 9th October, 1805
pdf   Schöngrabern – Hollabrunn 16th November 1805




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Patrick Kelly 15-02-2013, 20:17

Loving the new website! Best designed site I have seen for ages! the rules set looks pretty damn cool too.. how long did they take you?

Michael 15-02-2013, 21:25

Yes, the site is quite impressive isn`t it! It was designed by Andy Cummings who specializes in Wargames websites.
I started writing in 1996. Over time I`ve added bits and then chipped other bits away – they have been through numerous changes to come to this state.

Andy 11-04-2013, 22:25

Patrick/Michael – many thanks for teh kind words re site – Napoleonics is one of my favourite periods – so it was a joy to put this site together 🙂

Always looking for more work though and as Michael states – I prefer to work within the ames hobby for new websites – but time willing will always consider non wargames sites…


Michael Parrott 09-11-2013, 03:09

The example of play .pdf link posted on the web site leads to nowhere. Could you please fix the link?

Michael 10-11-2013, 12:43

The link has been fixed now – thanks for letting us know!

David 28-01-2017, 22:04


I had purchased GM order 1724 in 2013 is it possible to download it again as it seems I have lost the pdf

David Grech

Michael 29-01-2017, 09:43

Found it! Sending you the file directly David. With Best Regards.

darren 23-05-2017, 11:00

hi michael
im very interested in this format for large scale gaming
how wide in mm are the infantry stands

Michael 23-05-2017, 17:50

Infantry bases are 20mm, but I have some that are only 16mm I made many moons ago! That`s for 6mm of course. I also have 18mm AB`s on 30mm bases too that I use every now and again.

Mike Oliver 07-11-2017, 12:15

Hi Michael:
I am in the process of re-visiting GM. My business has occupied much of my time and I’m spending lots of time writing rules. However, I dug out my 6 mm Napoleonic figures a few weeks ago and the club began playing a game to some rules I had drafted. The rules did not perform well! However, this is not why I’m responding to this subject.
My 6 mm infantry are based on 25 mm frontage bases, with 4 in a battalion. Will they be usable with GM rules without rebasing?
Mike Oliver

Michael Collins 07-11-2017, 12:24

Yes Mike, they should be useable.

Dennis 09-04-2020, 00:08

I ordered some pf the paper army downloads and have never received a link or instructions for them. My card was charged and I received confirmation and my order number is 3982.

Michael 09-04-2020, 09:01

I`ll look into this… meantime, have you checked your spam box – sometimes email service providers do not recognise one another and download email are missed that way.


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