GM Rules Description

Grand Manoeuvre Rules Description:


The rules form two booklets: an introduction to “Game and Period Fundamentals” and the main part; “The Rules in the Sequence of Play”.

Game and Period Fundamentals is a sixty-one page introduction which provides the background to the period’s warfare; the tactical formations and battle arrays that were used, it explains the grand-tactical manouevre of commands and the various forms of skirmishing practices and these are illustrated with colour diagrams.

Information is provided upon how each of the major armies formed line of battle, their methods of re-deployment, their national tactical systems throughout the period and notes on army command structures.

The introduction explains the games` unit, ground and time scales and explains the basis of the rules and the game terms used and in addition to this information, it provides players with general advice on tactics.

National troop classifications and general’s ratings are listed.

The Rules in the Sequence of Play has eighty pages which for clarity’s sake are and spaciously laid out on each page, so that when necessary players are able to find the rule that they are looking for!

Here’s a sample page:

Updates & Rules Samples_10_02_2013.pdf

To help you navigate your way around the rules there are contents pages in each part of the rules, and an alphabetical index of the rules and subjects within them.

There is also a glossary of game & historical terms too.

In all, Grand Manoeuvre has a total of 144 pages and 38 colour tactical diagrams.

Provided for the players to help them are:

  • An eight page, black & white quick-reference mini-booklet.
  • Orders & messages sheets
  • Optional unit number labels` sheets.
  • Also included in the download is a black and white, cartridge-friendly copy of the main part of the rules.
  • A guide to game scales, basing, figure basing, and unit basing
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Deepinto6 18-02-2013, 15:14

Thanks for making the fundamentals available for study. I was surprised to see reference to Bob’s figures! I was the one who initially molded them up for him, including the partial masters for him to modify! (Have some here with me in Germany!) I only need to create skirmish stands and I can start playing here as my armies are based similarily. Am anxious to learn how you have made similtaneous movement work in a miniatures game. That is a tough nut to crack!


Michael 18-02-2013, 15:54

Thanks Tom,
I think it`s important to promote all these smaller scales (3,4,5,6mm`s…) – they make possible the kind of game that I want to play!

I haven`t had many problems with simultaneous movement really – apart from working out where advancing forces might clash/make contact.
The rules are based upon the nature of orders, the movement by regulation and the ability/inability of subordinates to react to events. I think that adhering to this is what a Napoleonic period game should be all about – otherwise we have very chaotic & unhistorical games. I do have provision for general`s initiatives in the rules, but they get harder to take and for the troops to perform as you go down the chain of command.

Nigel 02-10-2013, 18:37

Hi Mike
When I bought your rule system from you the other day it was more as an afterthought as I am very happy with the rules I use at present and as I am a Solo wargamer I really only wanted your paper figures.

That said I have just spent the last hour reading through part one of your rules and I have to say that, that part alone is worth the price. I have never come across all the information on Tactical Unit Formations and the diagrams showing how to set up the various formations used all in the one place. Then to find the ratings of most, if not all, of the Generals of the various nations really did put the icing on the cake.

Michael 02-10-2013, 18:58

Thank you Nigel,
Do stay tuned for the release of the Solo Module, which is very much an extension of Grand Manoeuvre rules.
As for the paper armies, the Austrians are close to completion… maybe in the next week or two I`ll have them in the shop!


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