rules additions: battle maddened units.

…and so, continuing from the previous subject of additional rules….

Battle maddened units:

There should be a die roll for morale reaction to shaken results with long range artillery fire. If the unit scores a “6” the unit becomes “Battle Maddened” instead, but only until the unit has been in a combat.

The unit would receive modifiers: for being “Battle Mad”:
+1 in combat
-2 to artillery fire.
Battle maddened units are classed as being “in good order”
Although at first they had been “shaken” by artillery fire, battle maddened units do not cause the command to make a command reaction test.
After the first turn of combat, a unit morale state reverts to a “shaken”.

This is an additional and optional rule that can be varied by players of umpires to fit in with their scenarios.
We tested it in a game of Colluden, with an increased chance that the highlanders would become battle maddened under the Hanoverian guns.
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