Grand Manoeuvre Nineteenth Century Wargames Rules Variants (1811-1851)


Grand Manoeuvre C19th Rules (1811-1851)

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Only available as a PDF download.   Grand Manoeuvre`s Rules for 1811-1851 cover the following wars: 1. The South American Wars 1811-1824. 2. The November Uprising 1830-1. 3. The Egyptian–Ottoman Wars 1831–3 & 1839-41. 4. The Mexican War of 1846-8. 5. The First Italian War of Independence 1848-9. 6. The Hungarian Uprising 1848-9. 7. The 1st Schleswig-Holstein War 1848-51. The set includes the following: A rules introduction booklet, which explains the game basics and historical terms. The introduction includes rules amendments for each war, units` and generals` ratings. The main rules booklet, which has the main games rules in sequence of play. A black and white copy of the main rules booklet, a copy to save on printer inks ! A quick reference 8 page mini-booklet, which has most of the main rules. Rules amendments notes for each war listed above. These have notes on; tactical doctrine, unit qualities, leadership and where appropriate the weapons used by each side and their effects on the rules. Orders and messages sheets. Unit/A.D.C. number labels. Order cards, all three above listed contents are playing aids to make order writing easier.
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