Double ancient wargames rules package

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Grand Manoeuvre`s two ancient rule sets in one package: This special download deal will be available from the 9th to the 31st December 2021. Storm of Spears covering approximately 430-360 BC,  Storm of Spears is designed to handle the major battles of the period and allow for some subtlety in the use of tactics in those battles too. There’s provision in the rules for deep file formations, impetus in the charge, slow intimidation advances, drifting, and use of close and open order for hoplites. In addition, there are optional rules for pre-battle speeches and stratagems – Storm of Spears will give players enough to think about in a game. and… Bella Contra Barbaros which covers the period of Rome’s wars with the barbarians from 100 BC to 100 AD; from the reforms of Marius to the Dacian War of Trajan. Basically, there are two contrasting systems of organisation and tactics and command and control: Firstly the Romans – who are regulated and disciplined – good order is important to their manoeuvre and success in battle. This is the Roman army’s great strength. The barbarians on the other hand – their warbands and cavalry are less-controllable but faster and rather more fluid in their battlefield movements. The barbarians’ main strengths are their impetuous attacks and surprise in ambushes
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