Vermina`s defeat at Simmuthus, 2nd October 202 BC. Livy`s Lost Battle


Livy`s Lost Battle



The aims of this paper are to establish that Livy`s battle, in which Gnaeus Octavius was victorious over Prince Vermina of the Masaesylians, should be included in a history of the Zama campaign of 202 BC and also to provide a location and a date for the battle.   The key to understanding how we can arrive at date for the battle is dependant upon the recognition that the monument at Chemtou, Tunisia (ancient Simmuthus, then part of Carthaginian territory) is a triumphal memorial to one of Massinissa`s victories in the second Punic war. The siting of the monument at Chemtou performs two functions; it tells us where and when in 202 BC that the last battle of the second Punic war took place and this is determined by the orientation of the monument.
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