The Red Badge American Civil War Miniatures Wargames Rules Plus 6mm ACW Paper Armies


The Red Badge Miniatures Wargames Rules plus ACW Armies

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This as a combined package of The Red Badge rules and Grand Manoeuvre paper armies for the American Civil War for gamers who perhaps are returning to the hobby, or are new to the period. These 6mm paper armies are particularly suitable for younger children who may not be old enough yet to use metal figures. As with other Grand Manoeuvre rules, The Red Badge American Civil Wargames rules are designed to enable gamers to recreate large-scale battles, acting as divisional, corps or army commanders. In this design there has been an attempt to keep the rules as simple as possible and yet preserve the period-specific flavours and represent the nature of command of control in the late phase of the horse and musket period. Many Grand Manoeuvre core concepts have been used in this set; simultaneous movement, a general’s initiative system to change orders in reaction to changes of situation and command manoeuvre tests. The difference with this set is a more traditional approach to combat with infantry shooting and charging, which may involve the particular characteristics of Confederate “rebel yell” charges and more controlled Union counter-charges.   The rules are designed primarily for 6mm figures on 1 inch or 25mm bases, but for larger sized bases or larger figures (15mm) and smaller scaled games, the ranges and distances may be doubled. Or if it is easier, the 6mm game distances in centimetres would become inches for 15mm figures.  

Rules package contents:

28-page rule booklet The rules include provision for Rebel yell and Yankee huzzah charge and counter-charge bonuses. There are additional rules for machine guns, wire, mines, earthworks and Chevaux de Frise, signals and balloons. The rules list over 270 American Civil War generals` ratings and there is also some guidance provided regarding 42 elite/veteran units in the war. A two-sided, A-4 playsheet. Morale, orders, charge bonus and gone to ground markers to print, cut, fold and glue. An eight-page infantry rules examples booklet. There are printer-friendly versions of the rule book, playsheets and infantry rules example booklet without page background texture.   Plus Grand Manouevre`s 6mm American Civil War paper armies  

Photo above: The use of orders from the rules examples booklet


Photo above: Rallying from the rules examples booklet

Below: John Bobek`s game photos using Grand Manoeuvre ACW armies pack.

Below: Close-ups of Union and Confederate Infnatry

The ACW armies: The are 42 files in total, the armies include: infantry, skirmishers, cavalry, dismounted cavalry with horse-holders, artillery (limbered & deployed), zouaves, flags, generals and ADCs. 1. ACW Union Infantry in Kepis 2. ACW Union Infantry in Slouch Hats 3. ACW Union Colored Troops 4. ACW Union Infantry in Kepi Skirmishing 5. ACW Union Infantry in Slouch Hats Skirmishing 6. ACW Zoauves 1 – blue coats, red pants 7. ACW Zoauves 2 – blue coats, sky blue pants 8. ACW Zoauves 3 – blue coats, white pants 9. ACW Zoauves 4 – sky blue coats, sky blue pants 10. ACW Zouaves Skirmishing – blue coats 11. ACW Union Cavalry in Kepis 12. ACW Union Cavalry in Slouch Hats 13. ACW Union Dismounted Cavalry in Kepis 14. ACW Union Dismounted Cavalry in Slouch Hats 15. ACW Union 6pdr Medium Artillery 16. ACW Union 12pdr Heavy Artillery 17. ACW Union Four-Horse Gun Teams 18. ACW Union Six-Horse Gun Teams 19. ACW Union Brigade Generals & ADC`S 20. ACW Union Divisional & Corps Generals 21. ACW Union Army Generals 22. ACW Union Flags & Regimental Colours 1. ACW Confederate Infantry in Kepis 2. ACW Confederate Infantry in Slouch Hats 3. ACW Confederate Infantry on Campaign 4. ACW Confederate Infantry in Kepi Skirmishing 5. ACW Confederate Infantry in Slouch Hats Skirmishing 6. ACW Zoauves 5 – Louisiana Tigers 7. ACW Confederate Cavalry in Kepis 8. ACW Confederate Cavalry in Slouch Hats 9. ACW Confederate Dismounted Cavalry in Kepis 10. ACW Confederate Dismounted Cavalry in Slouch Hats 11. ACW Confederate 6pdr Medium Artillery 12. ACW Confederate 12pdr Heavy Artillery 13. ACW Confederate Four-Horse Gun Teams 14. ACW Confederate Six-Horse Gun Teams 15. ACW Confederate Brigade Generals & ADC`S 16. ACW Confederate Divisional & Corps Generals 17. ACW Confederate Army Generals 18. ACW 1st National Flag of the Confederate States 19. ACW Confederate Battle Flag 20. ACW 2nd National Flag of the Confederate States ACW paper unit dimensions Infantry 23x4mm Skirmishing Infantry 46x5mm Mounted Cavalry 19x7mm Cavalry horse holders 19x7mm Dismounted Cavalry 23x5mm Limbered Artillery 37x10mm Artillery guns and crew deployed 10x17mm Notes on paper army unit construction  I use standard 80g copier paper for my paper units. After cutting, I fold the units using the end a finger nail – it gives a crisp edge to the folds. Once cut, the tiny scissor-cut nicks in the paper make folding easier, so it’s alright if you cut a tiny bit beyond the line. I don`t score the fold lines at all – even for artists` cartridge paper which is 130gsm – thicker papers may need scoring. As the parts are small, slight variations in folding can offset the model a bit and make the fit a bit tight, so sometimes clipping the corners off the flaps that slide into the paper cubes will make it easier to assemble. Before gluing, I do a dry run without the glue to check if I’ve folded the piece correctly. PVA glue remains wet for a little while so one is able to slide the flaps together once. I also use the handle end of my glue brush on the inside of the block to finally press the paper together firmly. After practice this all becomes easier. Reviews by customers: This product of rules and armies is only available as a PDF download  
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