Solo Rules for Grand Manoeuvre – Publication


The Solo Module for Grand Manoeuvre will be published on the evening of the 18th of January (GMT).

This Solo Module for Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonic Wargames Miniatures Rules is intended to generate an unfolding, automated plan of battle for the non-player side.

Once the initial battle dispositions and orders are established there should be little need for the soloist to consult these rules apart from identifying the most significant changes of situation and determining his automated opponents` responses to them.

These Solo Rules may also be used to represent the decisions of subordinate commanders in 1 to 1 game play and adding to uncertainty and unpredictability in “normal” games.

The module has 105 pages – but don`t worry, just like Grand Manoeuvre Miniatures rules, the text is spaciously laid out and the rules mechanism are very simple.

The download will comprise of a full colour version with some nice images of Napoleonic history paintings and engravings and a printer-cartridge friendly version in black and white.

The download will be £6.

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