Napoleon Friedland

Solo Play Module for Grand Manoeuvre

 This Solo Module is designed to slowly reveal an automated plan of battle for the non-player side. The rules determine the command decisions of enemy, non-player generals. They may also be used to automate the decisions of subordinate commanders in one to one game play; adding to uncertainty and unpredictability in “normal” games.

The first three sections of the module will generate the non-player’s dispositions, orders and battle arrays if the game has been generated by a campaign, or if it is a fictitious battle.

Alternatively, if you wish to re-fight a particular battle, you can keep the historical dispositions and go straight to section two and then section three and possibly change the “shape” and events of the battle by varying the non-players` corps orders and consequently also their battle arrays.

The non-player will react in response to your grand-tactical movements or to changes in tactical situation. There is also a section which relates to the delegation of orders applying to minor objectives.

Section eight, “Tactical Systems, Dispositions and Divisional Battle Arrays” is reproduced here from Grand Manoeuvre Miniatures Wargames Rules to provide solo players with more useful information on battle arrays, methods and unit formations used by various nations throughout the Napoleonic period.

Section nine is optional and allows for chance events that may occur in and around the battlefield area that may affect player’s and non-player’s decisions.

The module has 106 pages. The text is spaciously laid out and the rules mechanisms are very simple. The download will comprise of a full colour version with some nice images of Napoleonic history paintings and engravings and a printer-cartridge friendly version in black and white. There is also a 2-page QRF for chance events.

The download will be available here, from on Saturday 18th January and it will cost £6.

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