BELLA CONTRA BARBAROS Grand Manoeuvre Ancient Rules

Well, I`m in the last stages of getting my ancient rules together…
And I guess its about time (overdue actually) to post some the news of this here!
The rules cover the period of Rome`s wars with the barbarians from 100BC to 100AD; from the reforms of Marius to the Dacian War of Trajan.
There are some interesting ancient period flavours in this one. I`ve included many of the stratagems mentioned by Frontinus and Polyeanus – these stratagems are played with cards selected by players, or at random for the game set up and the game itself. There are also pre-battle speeches which may give the player some game advantages. The rules are an adaptation of my Napoleonic set; the same rules mechanisms are applied to ancient Roman and barbarian tactical methods. Added to the mix (and only if things are going badly for the player) is the possibility of an heroic death for both barbarians and Romans – the Roman version of this being called the “devotio”.
Publication here by pdf download will be sometime in April 2017.
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Peter Holland 04-03-2017, 10:57

I am looking forward to seeing more about the rules. The little extras of speeches, stratagems etc. could give the games added enjoyment and unpredictability.



Michael 04-03-2017, 13:57

Thanks Peter,
Here`s one of the pre-battle speeches…
“We die today not only for our friends and family but for our gods and for our forefathers and men before them so pray to them to make us victorious.”
+2 modifier to speech roll die
Barbarians only.
Competent and poor generals only
The CinC must roll every time he wishes to issue orders

David Blair 08-04-2017, 00:29

Hi Michael.
What’s the timescale like for these coming out, still on track for this month ?

Michael 08-04-2017, 06:10

Yes, I`d say it`s roughly on schedule 🙂 Roughly… so, still this month.
I`ve done the essential photos to illustrate the rules… I`ll probably need to add a few more here and there.
I`m working on the QRS`s or mini-booklets in 3 base width scales – most of these are complete now.
I do need to add something big to the terrain generating rules though and I might post about this on my FB page and maybe elsewhere.
After that, B&W copies of rule books to be made.
Oh, and then publicity at the same time…

David Blair 09-04-2017, 11:00

So a million and one things but only one man to do them 🙂


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