Storm of Spears is available now!

Storm of Spears wargames rules are now available from the Grand Manoeuvre website shop at: Supplied as a pdf download. The rules cover the period hoplite warfare from the start of the Peloponnesian wars to the end of the war of Theban hegemony (from 431-360 BC). On and off, it’s been two and a half years in the writing and testing. At first, I had the aim to make the game play out in a decent length of time; but it needed to give players enough to do and think about. Sadly, so many people dismiss the period of hoplite warfare as being; one-dimensional, simplistic and lacking tactical in nuances that we find represented in other periods. But actually, as I played and tested I found opportunities to introduce most of the tactical elements of the period into a game that can be grand-tactical in scale. Many of these elements are either over-looked or deemed unplayable in a large ancients wargame, but in this rule set I hope that I have found ways of making them playable and possible. These tactical elements are; the option to use open and close order in charges and combat, depth of files, half-files, the attachment of hamippoi (foot skirmishers) to cavalry, ekdromoi (hoplites who would leave the phalanx to chase off enemy skirmishers), slow march intimidation (favoured by the Spartans), variations of grand-tactical formation such as echelon and the use weakened centre and reinforced flanks and then also in the rules is the phenomenon of drifting that shaped and determined early hoplite tactics.
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