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The Red Badge American Civil War Wargames Rules Plus paper Armies

The Red Badge American Civil Wargames rules plus 6mm ACW paper armies

This as a combined package of The Red Badge rules and Grand Manoeuvre 6mm paper armies for the American Civil War for gamers who perhaps are returning to the hobby, or are new to the period.

The Red Badge American Civil Wargames rules are designed to enable gamers to recreate large-scale battles, acting as divisional, corps or army commanders. The rules have been kept as simple as possible and yet preserve the period-specific flavours and represent the nature of command of control in this late phase of the horse and musket period with some of the period’s latest weapons and technologies.

Rallying from the rules examples booklet

These ACW paper armies provide a comprehensive range of unit types of both sides. They are particularly suitable for younger children who may not be old enough yet to use metal figures. They are great value for money because all the paper armies are pdf downloads, so you can have as many units as you like.

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In this package are: The Red Badge rules (£7.50) plus the GM ACW paper armies’ pack which includes both Union and Confederate armies needed (£12.50). These would be £20, but are reduced to £17.50.

The Red Badge and 6mm ACW paper armies are only available at: