The Red Badge American Civil War Wargames Rules

As with other Grand Manoeuvre rules, The Red Badge American Civil Wargames rules are designed to enable gamers to recreate large-scale battles, acting as divisional, corps or army commanders.

Rules package contents:

28-page rule booklet

The rules include provision for Rebel yell and Yankee huzzah charge and counter-charge bonuses.

There are additional rules for machine guns, wire, mines, earthworks and Chevaux de Frise, signals and balloons.

The rules list over 270 American Civil War generals` ratings and there is also some guidance provided regarding 42 elite/veteran units in the war.

A two-sided, A-4 playsheet.

Morale, orders, charge bonus and gone to ground markers to print, cut, fold and glue.

An eight-page infantry rules examples booklet.

Price: £7.50

The Red Badge is only available as a PDF download from:

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